Immediate uroflowmetry analysis from home or a point of care   

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Flometrica develops personal and accurate disposable urine analysers which provide diagnostics of urine parameters ranging from urine dynamics to urine analysis. Flometrica’s devices are designed to be used by patients, anywhere, without any professional assistance. Once the analysis has been completed the patient can retain or disposes the device and the result is easily provided to the patient’s doctor via a mobile device. Flometrica provides Uroflowmetry & uroflow diary that can keep track of the patient’s personalised treatment later combining with big data for enhanced health monitoring. The device can be single use or multiple times according to the doctor’s recommendation. In future, the device will also be used to monitor other health conditions both for lifestyle users as well as chronic illness sufferers.   ( if you can please add the image of the cup from the presentation)

Flometrica is committed to providing personalised digital health solutions for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients with urological or renal disorders, which affects almost 10% of the population. Our products enable early detection of serious clinical conditions, allow patients to perform the tests at home and at any time; provide better and predictive therapy to both patients and physicians, resolve inefficiencies that currently exist in the health care system, reduce costs associated with patients and hospitals and introduce important monitoring that is not presently practical.

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The Need – Diagnosing LUTS

Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) – Obstruction, Voiding problem, Irritation, Incomplete emptying, Urgency, Incontinence

Urine testing is the most commonly used monitoring technique to analyse general health condition (Urinalysis) and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (Uroflowmetry) 

  • Current testing – cumbersome, at hospitals, capital equipment

  • Results are not immediate 

  • No continuous monitoring and predictive insights

Our vision

To provide predictive and preventive medicine with digital health solutions allowing big data analysis based on urine testing offering

  • Easy to use, at home testing, cost effective solutions

  • Immediate results

  • Continuous monitoring with predictive insights

Flometrica’s technology provides the opportunity for a comprehensive platform with products and services addressing both patients suffering from urological and renal symptoms, as well as the general public for continuous monitoring of their health condition. Our first product FloRite, is a disposable and affordable “smart cup” integrated with multiple sensors and Bluetooth connectivity, which measures the patient’s urine parameters and transmits them via the patient’s mobile device to a cloud database for big data and AI analysis. FloRite will be launched in Europe during 2020.

The company’s technology will be implemented in several applications: Digital Health solution for early diagnosis of LowerUrinaryTractSymptoms(LUTS)andurinalysistesting;bigdataanalysis(SaaS service)forchronicpatientsand physicians; digital solution for monitoring uroflowmetry secretion of hospitalised patients. 

FloRite™- Improving ease of use, enabling privacy  

Big data features to support diagnosis & treatment

FloRite - A “smart cup” for monitoring patient’s urinary tract functionality and general health condition at home or at the Point of Care (PoC), by recording Uroflowmetry and Urinalysis parameters. The results are transmitted via the patient’s mobile device to a cloud database for a big data analysis. FloRite will first solve the inefficiencies associated with diagnosing patients suffering from LUTS.The problem with existing methods of diagnosing LUTS was identified by several physicians. (See Ref.). FloRite will streamline and shorten the diagnosis process, provide accurate and immediate results and will ease the currently experienced burden of patients to a minimum. 

Flometrica will leverage its technology and offer additional products

DiaryRite - This is an add-on software application which combines the readings of FloRite during 3 or more consecutive days, together with records of the patient’s liquid intakes during the same period. DiaryRite will be launched in Europe immediately after launching FloRite. It is estimated that 50% of FloRite patients will need the DiaryRite application as well.

DataRite – Big data analysis service that will be implemented for revealing trend analysis and new knowledge-based recommendations.This service will provide insights regarding the efficacy of medication treatments, patient lifestyle and general health conditions and would be used as a tool of predictive and preventive medicine. Flometrica products are the channels and the tools to gather the information constituting this database. This cloud database will start functioning with the launch of FloRite and DiaryRite.To provide a comprehensive picture of the patient’s condition, Flometrica will develop a home based urinalysis device, performed by the patient at home, which will target chronic patients suffering from diabetes and hypertension, who are prone to suffer from kidney disease and need to continuously monitor their kidney health.

MeteRite – This is a disposable smart urinary drainage bags which will be used in hospitals, to monitor patient’s urine secretion, and provides alerts to the medical stuff when a decreased urine output is identified. Flometrica will utilise its approved IP to implement this solution providing an answer for the growing problem of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), which is associated with hospitalised patients and specifically with ICU patients. (See Ref.)




Key Market Drivers - The 3 “P”s


  • Early detection

  • Superior and comfortable diagnostic and monitoring tools

  • Better preventive and predictive medicine


  • Provide “best-in-class” patient care and outcomes

  • Optimize and monetize time, office space & untapped reimbursement options


  • Minimize costs while providing superior patient care

  • Solve healthcare inefficiencies and bottlenecks





David Akunis, LL.M, Chairman and interim-CEO 

• MP at Medvest, focus on Israel

• Previously VP & investment manager at prestigious international VC and PE firms

• Former head of the Medical and biotech equipment department at the Israeli Ministry of Export


Dov Oppenheim, Industrial Designer, Director of R&D  

• Senior innovation and IOT consultant at Ness technologies

• Co-founder & CEO of Shiratech Technologies, acquired by AY Electronics group

• Head of Bridge capital fund (BCF) Israel, a private equity firm headquartered in Japan

• General Manager of Accel Frontline Israel, a telecom company headquartered in India

• Head of Product management and strategic marketing at Ethos

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Prof. Ami Sidi, MD, Medical Director 

More than 25 years of experience as a distinguished Medical Doctor, with many scientific publications, as well as vast clinical experience including at the hospital operation room. Ex-Chairman Department of Urologic Surgery, Wolfson Medical Center Holon, Israel