Investing & actively managing 4 Israeli based digital health & medtech companies right through to commercialisation. Medvest provides our portfolio companies with common services & ensures that we can bring each company the best services that they need for any stage of their development.

Medvest has invested in 2 hospital products & 2 digital health products based on home care & lifestyle health tracking.


Our focus is on bringing our products that are both safe & efficient to market to as many markets as possible, with the focus on local partnerships. Medvest builds strong relationships with research teams to build out our big data functions & improve our knowledge of ailments & treatments for the improvement of health for mankind.

And, of course, everything we do is all about creating sustainable products, recyclable & conforming to ESG standards!

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Accelerating the companies to commercialisation through a
common ecosystem. To reach significant / controlling shareholdings in
each portfolio company to receive a far larger return on investment (ROI)
on exits. To expand the offering of each company through product
development & acquisitions

Medvest is strategic to its portfolio companies


The Portfolio companies overview



At Medvest we take the approach to sustainability seriously. Team members have been involved in this industry for many years.

Due to medical industry standards many products that come into contact with the body need to be disposed if it involves blood, etc. for fear of contamination. The recent rush for disposable masks to guard against the Covid-19 virus is causing a huge problem for all worldwide. People are throwing away more & more than we did before. We all have to think of better ways of doing things to avoid creating a big pile of rubbish landing up in our rivers & oceans or in our atmosphere. 

Every company at Medvest has to go through a process of developing medical devices & technologies that either save energy / reduce carbon footprints and / or are products that are designed to be reusable or partly reusable. We will use recycled plastics wherever we can & we will use the least amount of plastics that are required to manufacture our products. We also review any & all batteries that are used in our devices.

We are firmly committed to ESG standards for all our companies & for Medvest itself.