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The pandemic has changed many aspects of medical care. The need for treatment, diagnostics & monitoring has been forced out of the common areas where there is a danger of getting infected. So the whole vision of digital health has been accelerated faster than anyone had expected. Now is the time to build out on existing digital health companies to enable these new requirements for patients.



Accelerating the companies to commercialisation through a common ecosystem. To reach significant / controlling stake in each portfolio company. And to assist the teams with their strategies individually, including leading the portfolio companies to funding rounds.

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Medvest looks for 3 important criteria in each of its investments - improving safety & efficiency & improving patient treatment. We have invested in 2 companies are for hospital based patients & the other 2 are digital health companies that enable patients to be tested & monitored outside the hospital at a point of care or at home. Each company has one ore more patents registered to protect its intellectual property. These are registered in multiple territories. Some have separate distribution partners & some have common partners in different territories.

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The team is comprised of a highly experienced operational team & a medical advisory board. The operational team is hands on with every company on a daily / weekly basis. The team has experience with startups & IPOs & M&A transactions as well in the life sciences industry. A dedicated team that has worked together for over 10 years.

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